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01-22-15, 10:12 PM
Payne: Z06 Corvette is an awesome blend of power and poise

Henry Payne, The Detroit News
9:38 a.m. EST January 22, 2015

The Detroit News Auto Critic Henry Payne poses with a 2015 Corvette Z06.
The Z06 enters supercar territory with race-proven design, advanced technologies
and world-class performance. (Photo: Henry Payne/ The Detroit News)

The Z06 makes 350 pounds of down force. Paired with an all-new aluminum chassis and 12-inch Michelin gummies, the Z06 is a big, tail-wagging, mountain of power. But with stick.

On the limit of grip the 6.2-liter, supercharged V-8 howling like Cerberus in my ears I modulate the Corvette ZO6's throttle across the uphill, Turn 2 sweeper at Spring Mountain. But the hungry beast wants more. More throttle?

Payne, it seems to say, don't you know I am the most capable production car in existence? That your pals at Car & Driver have recorded my 1.19 lateral G-forces higher than a Porsche 918 hybrid? Higher than a Nissan GTR?

I oblige with every passing lap. Which means that at 6,400 RPM I snatch fourth gear 122 mph at the top of the hill going into Turn 3, a 180-degree downhill right-hander. BRAAAAKES! I stomp on the binders at the way-too-late marker and giant Brembo calipers seize 15.5-inch carbon-ceramic front rotors with the force of a Rottweiler on a postman's leg. The coupe slows like it hit an invisible wall. My chest strains against the seat belt. My eyeballs bulge from their sockets. But the Z wants more. Brake later? Are you mad?

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