View Full Version : Zora Mid-Engine Drawing Corvette Leaked to Motor Trend

01-15-15, 06:50 PM
Now these renderings look much better than the ones that Car and Driver have!

01-24-15, 08:07 PM
A little heavy handed isn't it?

01-24-15, 08:54 PM
Looks like Warner Brothers got involved......:)

01-24-15, 09:01 PM
From Jalopnik Tadge Juechter's comment on the C&D picture:

Tadge Juechter (http://tadge.kinja.com)<article data-initialized="true" class="js_reply reply js_goto_post clearfix" id="reply_1679010278" data-id="1679010278" data-parentid="1679006354" data-authorname="tadge" data-contributors="1">I'm afraid Car And Driver overpaid for a poor photoshop job. ;)


Low drag - High speed
02-01-15, 02:52 PM
For something that so many people have waited for so long, I'm certain the designers and engineers appreciate the gravity of what they are attempting and will be able to stun the world when it rolls out at long last. It will need to be the most 'Corvette' of all 'Vettes ever ... the epitome of America's Sports Car. For design cues they can harken back not so much to the production marques, but rather they should glean from the mid-engine concepts and special versions like the Corvette DP and CERVs. The new lines must be contemporary to super exotics, as well as more futuristic and dynamic than the best of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Konigsegg, Pagani, etc, etc.

The guts will need to be state-of-the-art AND groundbreaking. We can assume to have plenty of time before production, at which time there will be new innovations from everywhere that must be matched or exceeded in the final render of the C8. C7 brought direct injection into the gasoline world and other new technologies will also become mature, like solenoid-actuated valves, piezo-electric active suspension and even a big-assed electric motor that adds power to the engine as well as fuel economy. Maybe the powertrain will be transverse-mounted, like the Aerovette and Corvette Indy.

Who knows, other than the insiders, just how new it will all be? The wait will be worth it, not just to get it right, but also to let cutting-edge science bring more to the table. As for me, a knucklehead who dissed the C7 before it appeared in the flesh but now loves it, I'm confident the C8 will be a global game-changer.