View Full Version : 87' Considering a B2K.. have some dumb questions (Newbie)..

07-16-02, 08:21 PM
Hi all,
I have been looking for a ZR1 and I stumbled across a 87' Callaway..
I am familiar with C4's (Used to own a 87' vert) and have been doing my
homework on ZR1's, but this Callaway I came across sounds interesting..

What should I look for? What are the major problems or concerns I should have
with a Callaway (I heard you have to be a mechanic to own on.. I was for years so
I am not afraid to do my own work)

What about Callaway only parts? what if a manifold cracks? What about this oil sump thing?
is there anyone that has a website about what Callaway did to these things?

thanks much!


P.s. I posted on the CF and 89x2 told me about this site.. Never new it existed!! I have alot of posts to read :)

07-16-02, 09:15 PM
Glad you made it over here! About 6 mos ago, I had asked Rob, the owner of this site for a Callaway forum as we didn't have an outlet of our own.(we play 2nd fiddle over on the ZR1 board at CF.com) At any rate, some folks here are on both sites, some are not. Hope your purchase works out for you :beer
Did those links I listed help you ?
Later *89x2*

07-16-02, 09:24 PM
Things to look for on an '87

-hows the 4+3 working? Easy in/out throughout the gears? Go to boost in 4th to see if clutch slips.

-Look for signs of rust around the intercoolers and surrounding area. The '87s can allow water in the hood when run in heavy rain.

-Check the VIN with Joanne Mercer at www.callawaycars.com to verify it's a true Callaway.

-I don't think there's much of a problem with Callaway only parts. The '87 turbos can be found, or so I am told, as opposed to '88 and later. Fuel pump is Bosch and most other internal components can be got.

-I think a competent turbo mechanic won't have much problems with fixing things. I think a good ZR1 mechanic would be harder to come by.

-What's the price and mileage? How does it look? Convertible or coupe?

-How much is that fun factor worth to you? Have you driven it yet?

Just a few thoughts.

07-16-02, 09:41 PM

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