View Full Version : anti-flex support bar--C4 or C5 owners

07-15-02, 06:34 PM
Still trying to find my way around this web site so apologize in advance if this is wrong area.

My vette is now pretty much how I want it. This product claims to eliminate the moans and groans emitted when top is off. Think I am going to buy one but wanted to see if anybody has had hands on experience with item before I part with $450.

As a ps, most off my driving is either around town/freeways/ or driving schools. Think this product will enhance handling. Thanks for your thoughts!

07-15-02, 07:14 PM
Ben, one of our supporting members here is R-D Racing (http://www.r-dracing.com/Targa-truss.htm). The owner, Dave Cooper, (84C4) offers the "Targa Truss" for $385 (I believe).

He also has a "Camber Brace" and a "Harness Bar" for the C4s and C5s. Click the link and check him out. ;)

07-15-02, 09:58 PM
Went to sight--thank you for the information. Now I have at least two to chose from. One is shaped in the form of a "T" while the other is like a rectangle box. Hard to determine from either web site which will offer more structual stability at high speeds. Still hope to hear from owners who have installed either product.

Maybe 84c4 will chime in at some point..............I hope!