View Full Version : Dodge 'Scat Pack' trim revival resurrects 1968 trademark dispute

6 Shooter
10-20-14, 06:02 PM

DETROIT — Dodge’s attempts to revive its muscle car-era “Scat Pack” trims may have stepped in it in the process.

Chrysler Group is being sued by a California aftermarket company for infringing on its nearly 50-year-old “Scat” trademark on the Dodge Challenger and other vehicles.

The lawsuit filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court in California revives a trademark dispute between Scat Ewnterprises Inc., and Chrysler that dates back to 1968.

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11-06-14, 10:09 AM
I understand why Dodge wants to use the name Scat Pack. But when I hear the word scat, I think of animal feces. I wouldn't/couldn't buy a car with the Animal Sh*t Pack. I just couldn't.

They've already been sued once for using the name, why do it again? Because the results will be different? SMH.