View Full Version : NCRS Winter Regional Meet move to Lakeland Sun n Fun facilities

Tyler Townsley
06-29-14, 11:48 PM
Hopefully this can be made a sticky that we can update over time.Those of you who attend the Winter Regional know just how hard it has become to accommodate the people/judging/swap meet at the Oldtown location. This property has been in a Chapter 11 situation for several years and we were advised they would probably lose use of the adjacent field. Our Committee has been looking for an alternate location for several years but nothing really had what we wanted in the way facilities. As many of you know we have moved the event 3 previous times and each time we were able to make the meet better than before so we have had real challenge before us. Last week we found what we believe will be our future home and started the process of getting the Boards blessing to affect the move. What we did not expect was the word would get out so soon. I have decided that rather than have all kinds of misinformation floating around I would start an official thread that we will update when needed. The below is Ariel photos of the whole facility and the area we are planning on using for the event.


http://thepandatrap.com/tyler/2015%2...site%20map.jpg (http://thepandatrap.com/tyler/2015%20EVENT/sun%20n%20fun%202013%20complete%20site%20map.jpg)

http://thepandatrap.com/tyler/2015%2...ith%20logo.jpg (http://thepandatrap.com/tyler/2015%20EVENT/overview%20with%20logo.jpg)

The area is where the Sun & Fun Flyin takes place every Spring and hosts 150,000 200,000 people so they are familiar with crowds and event support. To me personally it is like a clean sheet of paper that I can use to take advantage of the past 25 years of putting on the Winter Regional. Hopefully it will become known as the NCRS Sun&Fun&Aircraft&Corvette Winter Regional. And yes you can fly in and park your plane within 100 yards of the event. Any of you have a vintage aircraft we can use for static display picture opportunities?