View Full Version : How do you remove the doors?

Sting Ray
03-24-01, 01:24 AM
What is the best way to remove the doors from a 69?

Thanks Tom

03-24-01, 10:01 AM
Tom, When I remove doors from C-3's I remove the bolts from the hinge on the door side. You will need a little help, they can be remove with a jack holding them up, but an extra hand goes a long way.........Hope this helps.......Steve

03-24-01, 07:18 PM
Hi Tom,
Steve is right, unbolt the hinges from the door. I fthe doors are complete, glass and hardware still in them, you will definitely need some help. Don't set the door down the the bottm edge, it will instantly grind off the corner points. ( learned this the hard way)

Tom Bryant
03-25-01, 02:31 AM
What do you think of supporting the door and replacing one pin and bushing set at a time? Can I remove the bushings without taking the door clear off?


03-26-01, 08:43 AM
The pin and bushings are a pain in the neck. Heres the problem. The pin comes up and hits the fender. be very careful even with the door off. I have done it with out removeing the door, but use a rag or somthing to protect the paint on the edge. I hope I,ve answered your question, it is early for me....:)Steve

Tom Bryant
03-27-01, 01:31 AM
I keep telling my wife that she gets in and out of the left side too much but you know how women are.