View Full Version : Grand Sport Dry Sump oil temp question.......

01-08-14, 11:37 PM
I have several times earlier this fall been scanning through the DIC and noticed that the oil temp in my 2010 GS were always around 147 to 150. This was after I would think things had warmed up. I know it has an oil cooler and 10.5 qts but what temps should the oil run to work the best. I'm thinking around 180 to 200. I will have to pay more attention to this come spring to make sure the oil eventually gets up to temp and how long it takes. I use Mobil 1 5-30. Any thoughts on oil temps and is the cooler doing me wrong?

01-09-14, 12:08 AM
That does seem a bit low Marcus. :w

01-09-14, 10:59 AM
I'd be a bit concerned if you weren't running synthetic oil, but you are. Syn's viscosity is more stable through wider temp ranges. The one concern is that you do need a certain temp to properly burn off accumulated moisture that might be in the oil. I'd be happier at 180 degrees. If your posting had been done in warmer weather here, I could have checked what my oil temp runs, but car is covered and stored for the winter. Maybe someone with a dry-sump Vette in a warmer climate can check their oil temp and post here.

01-02-20, 12:11 PM
see page 4-48 in owners man.. If you have one! lol