View Full Version : Forensic Lab for deciphering Build Sheet??

07-05-02, 10:16 AM
I don't know if anyone can help but since there are so many people on this forum spread all over the U.S. I thought I would take a shot.

Many of you know that we may (or may not, but like to think positive) have the Code 24, Bright Blue Metallic 81 Vette - only one made this color in many years. I do have the build sheet but it is smugged and rubbed horribly where this info resides. My theory is that they probably used dot matrix printers back then and there should be an impression (that is not visible to the naked eye) still left in the paper. Granted, the paper is in pretty bad shape - the build sheet is in pieces.

So, does anyone know anything or anywhere I can send this (cost is not a concern at this point) to see if we can pull this info off the build sheet? ANY ADVICE would be helpful. ;worship

07-05-02, 10:17 AM
By the way, for those of you who don't know - the car had been stolen at some point in its life so the tag that normally tells the body paint info is missing.........

07-05-02, 10:50 PM
Try your local or county library and ask them for a referral to a document preservation specialist - if the document is that important, it should be dealt with by an expert who won't inadvertently destroy it. Many almost-unreadable tank stickers have been made readable by scanning them and then working the image with imaging software.