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03-23-01, 06:36 AM
any info on a easy way to remove the clear coat on my alum rims so i can polish them, thankyou

03-23-01, 07:09 AM
Sure, you can find clearcoat remover at some auto part stores, if you can't find it there look up an auto paint supply store in your area as they will probably have it. Once you remove the clearcoat they really polish up nicely, just did mine and it took about an hour each with a die grinder and buffing wheel.

03-23-01, 09:42 AM
here is a previous post about wheels and shinning them up..
SHINE (http://www.corvetteactioncenter.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=588&perpage=15&pagenumber=2)
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05-13-02, 04:21 PM
WIZARDS METAL POILISH!!!!!!!!! This is the answer you have all been looking for. Ive used them all. ive used buffing wheels. This is the best. www.wizardsproducts.com... My wheel looks chrome!

05-13-02, 07:39 PM

I just checked out wizards they have several metal / aluminum polishes. Which one is working the best for you. I have been very displease with all the other products I have found so far.

Dave L.
05-13-02, 07:58 PM
cmegga, someone on this site recomended a polish on here several months ago.It is called Easy Aluminum Polish.It comes in 12 oz and 32 oz bottles.I am very very pleased with the results I got from this polish.No buffers needed.I took the wheels off the car to make it easier to work on them.Some clean rags and 3 applications made a wonderful shine.Check out the web-site at www.recreationalmobility.com A 12oz bottle does 4 wheels easily.I had tried other products but this wins my approval too.Happy Motoring.

05-13-02, 08:13 PM
Looks like Im going to be trying both Wizards and the " Easy Alum. Polish" Ill let you know which is working the best for me.

I have already tried mothers, 3 types of maguires polishes, never dull and blue magic. They all work but not very desirable. It takes me about an hour and 2-3 towels each rim. I do this about once every 3 weeks and I am convinced there must be an easier way.

So far I have had the best luck with something called "luster lace" , it was one of the Maguries I beleive

05-13-02, 08:21 PM
I bougt the wizards @ the Vette fest in chicago. I used the one that is similar to eagle one. The wizards has the polish in the rag. The vender told me its all in the rag. I then put on this special wax from them.

05-14-02, 12:12 PM
When I bought my 80, one of the previous owners had '79 rims on there. As you most know, these are the 'duller' finish rims. I can polish them to get them looking darn close to the high polish of the 80 rims, but how do I keep them like that? A week later they are coated with brake dust and/or just starting to dull back to what they were! (This is one of the reasons I keep my aftermarket rims on the car.)

05-17-02, 04:11 PM
When I cleaned up a set of 82 rims I put on the CE, after polishing, i sprayed PAM the cooking spray on them. Sounds funny, but the brake dust sticks to the PAM and you just have to hose it off and all of the garbage goes with the water.

Dave L.
05-17-02, 08:12 PM
Good tip 82,Dukman thanks

05-17-02, 08:33 PM
Glad I could help!!

07-26-02, 01:21 PM

Did you use the wizards polish? How did it work.