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08-22-13, 06:40 PM
Fourth classic Chevrolet stolen in Peninsula heist

The Californian
Written by
Allison Gatlin

A fourth classic Chevrolet was reported stolen this weekend adding to a growing tally of Car Week heists that appear to have begun Aug. 16, according to Monterey County law enforcement officials.

On Saturday night, a Camino resident turned in for the evening at a bed and breakfast in the 300 block of Central Avenue in Pacific Grove, according to Pacific Grove police Cmdr. John Miller. The next morning, his red 1962 Chevrolet Corvette was gone.

“The victim had the keys and he said the vehicle must not have been turned on because he would have heard the engine noise, it being a Corvette,” Miller said. “We assume it was someone with a trailer.”

The vehicle has a California license plate of BZE636, he said.

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08-24-13, 07:16 AM
Stolen Corvette carried a load of memories

Herald Staff Writer


A lot of memories rolled down the street when someone stole Pat Monahan's prized 1962 red Corvette as he relaxed in a Pacific Grove bed-and-breakfast.

The retired Sacramento firefighter owned the car for 20 years and lovingly restored it, driving it just a few times a year to events like last weekend's Classic Car Week on the Monterey Peninsula.

"I'm not that big into trophies. I just enjoyed driving the car. There were so many memories in it," Monahan, 55, said Friday.

He recalled photographs taken of the car when his three daughters were so little their heads barely poked above the Corvette's windshield. They're adults now, two with children of their own. Just a few weeks ago, Monahan said the family took a photo of his twin grandsons in the car.

"I would take it back in pieces right now," said Monahan, who has flooded Corvette forums, police agencies, classic car auction houses and media outlets with information about the theft since he discovered his car gone about 7:30 a.m. Aug. 18.

Full Story: Stolen Corvette carried a load of memories - MontereyHerald.com : (http://www.montereyherald.com/localnews/ci_23929846/stolen-corvette-carried-load-memories)

08-24-13, 12:36 PM
I know thieves don't care about those who they rip off but man... this is such a sad situation...


09-03-13, 03:25 PM
Classic Car Week thefts: Vintage Corvette found

Herald Staff Writer

Pat Monahan said he would have been glad to get his classic 1962 red Corvette back in pieces.

Turns out, he got it back — a bit battered and beaten — but not in pieces.

Still, Monahan, 55, of Camino, El Dorado County, said Tuesday he was just as shocked over the weekend to hear his stolen Corvette had been deserted in a San Jose neighborhood as he was when he discovered it missing outside a Pacific Grove bed and breakfast in August.

"Man, I thought it was long gone," he said.

Full Story: http://www.montereyherald.com/news/ci_24005360/classic-car-week-thefts-vintage-corvette-found

09-03-13, 05:34 PM
From the way the article reads, they didn't treat it very well... :(

On the upside, the owner has it back and can put everything to rights!!