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06-26-02, 10:42 PM
I am wanting to change my engine oil to Mobil 1 Synthetic. What is the proper procedure for doing this right? My engine has 48k miles on it.

Should I use a Engine Cleaner or Wash to add to the cranckcase prior to draining the old oil out?

Will I experience leaky gaskets or seals?

I dont' plan on puting more than 2k miles per year on my Corvette so I thought with the Mobil 1 Synthetic oil I could change the motor oil just once a year.

What is everyone's thoughts on this procedure.

Don't really want the Mobil 1 vs. Amsoil debate as I have already been there.

Thanks in advance for everyone's help.


07-05-02, 10:23 PM
Mobil 1 come in the Vette when you buy it new. I use it and always have. Just change the oil like you normally would.

07-05-02, 10:32 PM
I don't believe it did in 1979. The Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil use from the factory has been recently in the 1990s if I am not mistaken.

I have heard some say use a motor oil cleaner to remove any sludge from the engine before installing the new thinner and lighter synthetic type.

Thanks for your reply.


07-18-02, 07:35 AM
My understanding is that then going to Mobil 1 after using fossil based oil you can expect to have leaking from the engine seals and gaskets.

07-18-02, 07:51 AM
Tom, thanks for your reply and thoughts on the oil change.

I did already go ahead and changed over to Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil and used a motor cleaner before changing. So far no leaks or problems. I was having a slight heating problem where the water temp gage was running aound 210-220 with a new 195 thermostat in. Since the oil change engine seems to run a bit cooler and hasn't passed 195 on the water temp.

I did change over to synthetic and Mobil 1 on my 4x4 truck a couple of years ago and it had 37k miles on it. No problems there either, so maybe I'll be okay. I hope so.

Thanks again,