View Full Version : Head Casting Number Missing Digit

09-30-12, 09:50 PM
I have a beautiful matched set of 1960 vette power pak heads with casting numbers 3774692 and date stamp, A60. On one of the heads, the casting number is missing the "4" - the digit is just not there. No sign that the head was ever stamped in the location of that missing digit. The surface is undisturbed. I was told that it it not really unusual for this condition to exist. Can anyone verify this for me? I'm trying to sell the heads and want to be able to give a factual answer as to why the digit is missing.

Also, what is a reasonable price to ask for a set of heads such as these. I've had them cleaned and they look new. I've heard $500 and seen ads at $1,100. Don't know what to ask for them.

I'll appreciate any help.

Tom Bryant
10-01-12, 09:56 AM
Welcome to your first post on the CAC.

There has been a lot of documented cases of this sort of anomaly. Articles in The Restorer have addressed this topic. As for price you can always start high and drop your price if you have a serious buyer on the line. It sounds like you have already done some research. Try Hemmings Motor News and The Driveline for ads for these heads to see asking prices. Of course if you have the exact dates someone needs for their car you should be able to ask for more.