View Full Version : 700r4 help

07-18-12, 07:22 PM
I finally fixed my code 42 esc problem.It needed a new computer,but the first one was bad sending me in other directions.Now after 2 months It is fixed,I also replaced the prom with an original updated gm one.Ok all is good.Before I replaced the computer It never told the tconverter when to engage.Never bothered me because I had it wired so I could force the lockup to engage when I wanted to.Now that I have the new computer when I drive very mellow It shifts from first to 2nd then locks up to fast then third followed by a fast lockup and forth the same.when I drive spirited the car drives good no lock up in 2nd or 3rd and 4th locks up above 40mph.I just want to put anoverride swich back in ,one that can turn off the lockup.I figure into the brake switch is the way to go.by the brake ther are 2 sets of wires a very thick set (heavy gauge) and a very thin pair.any Ideas which wires to splice into Thank u all forum members as always