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07-15-12, 09:32 PM
hey guys as the title says, trying to find out the actual weights of the GS wheels. Have searched here and online and can't find anything. I would like to purchase some new wheels possibly volks TE-37s for the weight savings but need to justify the purchase compared to the OEM weights. They will be in the same sizes, might play with the rear offset to get a bigger lip.

18x9.5 +40 Front
18x9.5 +57 Front
19x12 +59 Rear

I think the GS front is the +40 vice the +57. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

07-19-12, 09:07 PM
wow, looks like i have to take a trip to the chevy dealer and weigh the wheels they have for sale.

07-21-12, 03:17 PM
well after much searching, asking and so forth, i've come up with approximate weights for the GS 5 spoke wheels. They are right around what I thought they would be for cast wheels. I also verified the weight of the tires, the GY Eagle F1 supercar G2 runflats per tirerack's website. Odd the official website for goodyear does not list the weight in the specs. They are below:

Front 18x9.5 approx 27lbs
Rear 19x12 approx 32lbs
Front tire 275/35/18 28lbs
rear tire 325/30/19 32lbs

Tirerack also has a set of OZ Ultraleggeras listed in the following widths and weigths:
front 19x10 23.4lbs
rears 20x12 28.2lbs

Yes that is a size higher and lighter due to their monobloc forging/casting. I want to get some in the same size so i can just transfer the current tires. Other wheel makers such as HRE, Work offer custom PCD, ours being 5x4.75 in or in the metric world as 5x120.6.

not sure if this is important to anyone but for those who track their car, any sprung/unsprung weight savings is a great thing. If anyone can actually provide and exact weight to those wheels would be gratly appreciated since i am trying to justify the purchase via the difference in weight.

09-06-12, 09:18 PM
You're right, the only excuse for a 19"/20" setup is strictly cosmetic. They will be heavier, and will not perform as well as a 18"/19" setup. If you have the lighter-but-larger ceramic brakes, though, then you're stuck with the wagon wheels...

09-21-12, 04:04 PM
yeah i really don't see the need to upsize, even though you can get 19/20 setup that will be lighter than the stock 18/19 by going full forged, etc, but that translates to a lot of $$$, which i rather spend on a supercharger first before the wheels.

Besides, the current 18/19 i think is just right for the look of the car, just need a slight drop and it will look great!!

12-10-12, 10:49 PM
Today got my wheels in, i bought a set of new Corvette fitment Volk TE-37s. I kept them in the 18, 19 setup, didn't see the need to upsize. These are in gloss black. Will have them installed this weekend specs are below:
Front 18x9.5
offset +35
weight 18.8 lbs

Rears 19x12
offset +57
weight 22.8

The wheels came with blue stickers but i replaced those with the time attack stickers black on red, bought them off in Corvette Forum, got a great price for the new set. Once i mount them, i will weigh the GS stock wheels and post those weights here.

12-13-12, 08:57 PM
Weighed the stock, GS 5 spoke wheels. here's the breakdown
Fronts 24.8 lbs, rears 27.6 lbs

That is a difference of 6 lbs for each front wheel and basically just under 5 lbs per rear wheel. Total of 21.4 lbs for all 4 corners.

The stocks are not as heavy as I expected, so not bad, i thought the rears were going to be right around 30lbs.