View Full Version : FS:Stock GM Z06 Comp Gray Wheels w/Tires

03-27-12, 08:10 PM
For Sale. Full set of 2010 Comp Gray Z06 wheels with tires and TPMS. I took these off my Z06 at 4000 miles and have no idea as to a proper sale price. I am located in So Calif, Alta Loma, so if any one is interested and the price sounds right there yours. The wheels are stock size 18's front and 19's rear. The tires are in great shape and look new.

I checked the pricing on Gmpartsdirect.com and their replacement cost is $330.90 front and $427.40 rear for a total of $1,516.60. I feel the tires are worth at least $1000 plus the TPMS. So this total comes to around $2500. I feel this is a fair price and if there is no shipping involved all that much better.

If you are interested please give me a call at my home 909-244-9964 and we can arrange for you to pick them up. I would accept cash only.

Thanks, Ansel Boyce