View Full Version : Brake Problems on my 81

11-27-00, 08:38 PM
At the last outing to the strip one of the front calipers blew out dumping all the brakefluid. The pedal went to the floor and the warning light came on.

I rebuilt both the calipers refitted them and everything worked ok but the warning light was still on. After reading my shop manual I discovered that when you have a failure like this the small distibution block that is fixed to the frame senses low pressure and a small pin drops to prevent loss of fluid from the rear brakes.

The manual I have then goes on to tell you that the only way to reset the valve after a rebuilt is by a "heavy" application of the brakes. I tried this several times and have even tried a couple of emergancy stops while driving but the light is still on. The front brakes are fine and pull the car up no problem. Is this the only way to reset this valve ???

Your comments would be appreciated.

11-27-00, 10:08 PM
Hi John,
the switch in the block is stuck. thereare three ways to try to fix it.
1. key on, engine off: real fast stomp the brake pedal with both feet.
2. engine running: slow and strong push the pedal down with both feet.
3. open one of the rear wheel bleeders, push down slow and steady. the pedal will stop about 2/3 down then push harder until the light goes off.
if all fails, send me a plane ticket and i'll come over and help.LOL

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