View Full Version : Man steals over 100 Corvettes

07-28-10, 03:04 PM
Recently arrested in the Akron, OH area was a very successful car thief. He has a rap sheet that shows many many years of stealing Corvettes. He even took orders for cars and fed several chop shops with a flow of cars. I hope this guy is off the street for good.:mad

07-28-10, 03:22 PM
I think I saw an article on that guy. He was unrepentant if I recall... :mad


03-22-11, 01:50 PM
Hey Mac, first time I was shopping for a Vette when I was out of the Navy in 71', I stop at our local joint "Jimmy H___'s Corvette Country" in Trenton NJ.

Nothing on the lot that I can afford but the "salesman" sends me out to the garage. The "mechanic" and his bros are sporting local bike club colors and he asks me how much and my color preference.

Later at a local tap room I kind of start talking about this like "hey guys, I think I'm on to something and when I see my "old man" with the PD" ..and everybody starts laughing. :chuckle

How come I was always the last guy to figure things out? :ugh

03-23-11, 03:40 PM
How come I was always the last guy to figure things out? :ugh
That's a great story! At least they warned you instead of letting you get in over your head.