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6 Shooter
06-02-10, 05:23 PM
http://image.gmhightechperformance.com/f/33367026/1007gmhtp_03_o+2007_chevrolet_corvettel+engine.jpg (http://www.gmhightechperformance.com/features/1007gmhtp_2007_chevrolet_corvette/photo_02.html)

Melissa Weaver is what some may call a Corvette fanatic. "I've always loved cars ever since I sat in a Barbie Corvette at age 6. When I was young, I always had a Corvette poster on my wall to remind me of my dream. After college I bought a '79 Corvette as a project car. I spent about a year renewing it to stock condition and about that time I was introduced to the performance scene. Although the '79 provided me with a lot of good times, the thought of having a modern performance car led me to sell it and purchase an '02 Z06. That Corvette was awesome, but I decided I wanted to build a real sleeper. After a year with the Z06, I purchased a ProCharged '05 C6 but it ended in disaster when a speed shop in North Carolina totaled it after a cam upgrade." Yeah, you read that right-the shop Melissa entrusted to do the cam swap totaled it while on a weekend jaunt, leaving Melissa angry, heartbroken, and without her pride and joy. For over a year Melissa went without a ride, finally finding a mint condition, 6,000-mile '07 Corvette. "I was hesitant to pursue any aftermarket upgrades on my '07 because I just didn't trust shops anymore." But like always, "after about four months of driving it stock, the power bug was biting me in the butt. I wanted a powerful car that you could drive across country and also take to the track, with the reliability and driveability of a stock car."

GM High-Tech Performance Magazine (http://www.gmhightechperformance.com/features/1007gmhtp_2007_chevrolet_corvette/index.html)

06-03-10, 07:15 AM
Wow. I saw this car in the shop at Vengeance Racing when I had my 06 GTO in for my mods. Very cool.