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6 Shooter
05-18-10, 07:53 AM
http://image.gmhightechperformance.com/f/27731180/1007gmhtp_04_o+2010_chevrolet_corvette_grand_sport_convertible+wheel.jpg (http://www.gmhightechperformance.com/features/1007gmhtp_2010_chevrolet_corvette_grand_sport_convertible/photo_05.html)

As the sun set over Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, as I was riding along I-75 en route to Sarasota for one of my favorite late-night treats: a milkshake (get your mind out of the gutter), I remember thinking: this is the life. It's a cliché I know, but driving in our usually more pedestrian daily drivers, and in the usual commuting mindset, we often miss out on some simple, yet majestic experiences. I have never been a fan of convertibles, and seldom remove the top on my C6, but it was hard not feeling some sort of metaphysical connection to the Floridian landscape via a top-down adventure in one of the baddest convertibles GM has ever built. This was to be the last hurrah with the ragtop before GM came to pry the keys out of my tightly clenched fist, after a blissful, yet uneventful week. Having a C6 as a daily driver initially spoiled the experience, but just as I felt the keys slipping through my hand I began to really appreciate the GS's glory.

GM High-Tech Performance Magazine (http://www.gmhightechperformance.com/features/1007gmhtp_2010_chevrolet_corvette_grand_sport_convertible/index.html)