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6 Shooter
05-12-10, 10:11 AM
http://image.vetteweb.com/f/32934975/vemp_1006_03+bella_vista_corvette_show_n_shine+.jpg (http://www.vetteweb.com/events/vemp_1006_australian_corvette_show/photo_03.html)

The Australian Corvette Community is composed of a very wide cross section of personalities. Enthusiasts come from all walks of life and social backgrounds, from corporate high flyers to working-class families to small-business operators. In this way, the Corvette is directly responsible for bringing together types of people who would otherwise rarely cross paths. This melting pot of Corvette owners brings with it its own unique flavor of comradeship.

Australian Corvette Show - Vette Magazine (http://www.vetteweb.com/events/vemp_1006_australian_corvette_show/index.html)