View Full Version : Paint, Clunking, and Interior

TPI Thomas
05-23-02, 09:55 PM
I have a 86 vette and I have some questions.

1) It needs paint how can I make sure I can get a high quality paint job? How many coats of clear should I get? Do any of you know of a good MD/VA area painter?

2) my corvette makes a weird clucking noise when I drive from the right rear wheel, I thought it might be a wheel bearing or a Universal joint, I replaced the wheel bearing and the sound is much much quieter but still there. Any Ideas?

3) I have a Windex blue interior I was told it is completely a custom job but I doubt it. Do any of you know where I could get a decently priced interior or just leather seats?


05-23-02, 10:15 PM

As for paint shops....I don't know of any shops specializing in paint work in this area, but you may want to give Tony's Corvette Shop a call in Gaithersburg, MD. Click on the Portal tab at the top and go to Repair and Restoration Shops. Check in their for more information.

As for the blue interior....depending upon the shade, there was a blue interior in 1986...it was a legitimate option so I'm not sure that yours is necessarily a custom job. Check the Parts and Accessories section in the Portal and the Interior Parts subcategory there for suppliers.

TPI Thomas
05-29-02, 01:19 PM
well I found out the cluncking was a U-joint (after I replaced the wheel bearing)

The interior is not cutom(and its starting to grow on me).

And I may have found the perfect litle pain shop to custom paint my car for 1500$