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04-03-10, 10:00 AM
Turbo Wax Leather, Vinyl, and Rubber Protectant (16 oz)


Turbo Wax Leather, Vinyl, and Rubber Protectant (16 oz)

Turbo Wax L.V.R - what does it do? Turbo Wax Leather, Vinyl and Rubber is a product capable of protecting all 3 surfaces! This formula protects extremely well on all 3 surfaces, without the need of additional products while providing a UV barrier that prevents premature cracking, fading and hardening. The surfaces we have listed that the product can be applied to are subject to UV rays, and this is what the biggest enemy of these surfaces is. Technically what you are doing is applying a coating to the surface that does two things, (1) as mentioned it gives a protective coating to protect against the suns UV rays which causes deterioration of the surface. (2) It keeps the surface soft and supple, unlike most products on the market which after a while causes the surface to dry out become brittle and start to dry crack.

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http://www.xplosiveperformance.com/T...41_p_1085.html (http://www.xplosiveperformance.com/Turbo-Wax-Leather-Vinyl-and-Rubber-Protectant-4016-oz41_p_1085.html) http://www.camaro5.com/forums/images/smilies/biggrin.gif

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