View Full Version : Installed a HUD this weekend

03-30-10, 03:19 PM
Let me tell you something. Make sure you order this thing from the factory. Although is wasn't that hard, is was very time consuming. I took about 6 hours total time spread over 3 days last weekend. It's very hard for a guy like me who has broken as many bones as I have to sit in the cockpit and whistle while I work. I bought the unit on Ebay. total cost was $430 with shipping. The hardest part was taking the ENTIRE dash out to put the projector in. There are a lot of screws, nuts and bolts to take out before you can get the dash off. I soldered my connections rather than using the Scochlok taps supplied. I know the solder will not open after a few hot Vegas summers. All in all not a bad project. Very time consuming but worth it in the end.