View Full Version : C5 Garage Space????????

09-30-09, 09:51 PM
I am think of replacing the C4 with a C5. I think I probably have
a foot of space in front and a foot of space in back to park the
Corvette also the sides are a concern I have a truck that is also
in the same garage. I need a little space to get between the 2
cars. I know the C5 is a little wider and the mirrors stick out on the
sides a little more. Here is the main question. Does the C5 take up a
lot more garage space than a C4? Space is tight now with the C4
would a C5 be too tight a fit?

09-30-09, 11:59 PM
The C5 is definitely wider. Since I moved from the C4 to the C5, it's a bit closer getting the 01 on the lift than it was the 94. But a couple inches makes a big difference when you are backing the car onto a 4 post lift.

Checking the "Tech Center" for specs shows length on the 93 and the 02 very close (within a few tenths of an inch) but the width is nearly 2 1/2" wider. I'd believe that!