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05-09-02, 09:33 AM
For those of you that don't know, I bought the fastburn 385 crate motor, the hotcam and the 1:6 rollerrockers.

GM calls for a 750cfm Holley and in the paper work they talk about a 72 gph (electric) fuel pump, I've got the Holley 750 and I've ordered a 60 gph Holley (mechanical) fuel pump.
It looked to me that I only had a chose between a stock pump or the 60 gph and then some that were between 110- 130 gph.

My questions are,

1) should I go with more gph pump and a regulator ?

2) should I regulate even the 60 gph pump ?

At this point I only need to pick up a gasket set to change the cam out and pick up the new starter.

Thanks for the help guy's


05-09-02, 10:29 AM

I would always run the regulator. You want the carb no more than 5 lbs anyway-regardless of the gph.

Get a regulator that includes a return line with an adjustable pressure point.

Good luck