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C4 Guam
05-01-02, 09:08 PM
First off thanks to the folks that have answered previous posts, the information was helpful. The engine re-build went well and it's back in the car and running. I'm having a bit of trouble getting the rocker arms adjusted. Used two different techniques that use to work on standard hydraulic lifters but I'm ending up with the rockers either being to tight or to loose when I start up. I think I'm not getting the lifters on the absolute backside of the cam when adjusting. Any input on the correct sequence will be greatly appreciated.

Motor sounds real good, bumped compression up to 10:7, ported heads, advanced cam at crank, performance plenum, headers, and flowmasters. Sounds like a 60's version.


Fred in Guam.

05-03-02, 10:07 PM
Hi Fred, sorry that I can't help you (someone else adjusts my valves ;)), but by responding to this, it'll get moved back to the top in hopes that someone will see it.

05-04-02, 12:14 PM
Set it at #1 TDC (both valves closed/rockers even with each other) and adjust the following:

Intakes - 1-2-5-7
Exhausts - 1-3-4-8

Turn it 360* to #6 TDC and adjust:

Intakes 3-4-6-8
Exhaust 2-5-6-7

This will work fine with virtually any hydraulic cam, unless it's really radical with extreme duration.

05-04-02, 06:08 PM
Hi Fred,
The method I use for adjusting the valves requires two people or a starter button. Adjust them one cylinder at a time.Be sure to disable the ignition.
Starting with #1 cyl, bump the engine over until the intake valve is almost closed. Loosen the exhaust vale rocker arm. Rotate the pushrod lightly while tightening the rocker arm nut. As soon as the pushrod stops turning tighten the rocker arm nut down 1/2 turn.
Bump the engine over until the exhaust valve just starts to open. Loosen the intake rocker arm and adjust in the same manner.
The valve layout in the head is EI-IE-EI-IE. This method takes a little longer than John's. The worst way to adjust valves is with the engine running.