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04-29-02, 05:14 PM

I am new to the group and have a question on the 1991 ZR-1 I am buying.

The car's engine and transmission were originaly stollen from the car. The car was then bought (by the thieves who stole them) and the engine and trans were replaced with the original parts.

Is there anyway I can verify the engine is the original engine?

The numbers on the engine are: 10ZTKX008240008

The transmission numbers are: 86-40 1052000 035 and 10150005 ratio is 2.68 - 0.5

This car has 3,264 origninal miles.

Ron Hanselman

04-29-02, 05:57 PM

Welcome to the Corvette Action Center. From a previous post on the same topic by Gordy Bates:

10 ZTK X0 0824 0008

10 ZTK = Mercury Marine engine tracking number.
X0 = Build year (1990)
0824 = Build date. Your LT5 engine was built on (08/24/1990).
0008 = Engine Unit Number (8th one built that day)
@ Full Production, up to 24 Engines could be built each day.

So basically, you have an early production LT5 engine for a '91 model year ZR-1 which sounds correct. I'm not sure about your transmission though.

04-30-02, 07:43 AM
Thank you for your quick reply.

If you can believe this, the dealer thought the engine might be from a 1994 car.

Just shows you that not even the pro's will use their systems to properly help you out.

By-the-way, here is the VIN - 1G1YZ23J5M5800383

Any good information on this car?

The car has a real fastenating history.

It was stollen off the transport before it was to arrive at the dealer. The car was recovered without the drivetrain. The insurance company settled on the car and then sold it at auction. The guys who originaly stoll the car bought it at auction and then re-installed the original drivetrain (wow, what a scam). The car was then sold to the gentelman I bought it from with 34 miles on it.

A few months later and after 1000 mi he took the car in for an airbag light. The dealer ran the numbers and somthing didn't come up correct. The cops were called and the FBI showed up. The car was confiscated because it had a "Stollen" engine in it.

Well to make a short story long... The car spent 6 years in the impound lot. The crime ring was broken up and people were sent to jail. As for the car, they tried to return it to the insurance company but they had been bought out and did not have the records for the car.

The police decided to give it back to the owner sense he had a title. He spent around $6K on a repaint, tires, starter, master cylinder, clutch slave cylnder and some odds and ends.

The only thing bad about the car is that it got a savage title when the insurance company sold it at auction.

Other than that - it is in perfect 3,260 mi condition.

Should give me many years of pleasure!

Ron Hanselman

04-30-02, 08:19 AM
Wow! What a story! Regarldess of its history and salvage title, you have an awesome Corvette that will provide you with many years of fun driving and service. It's always good to see a Corvette go into the hands of someone that will appreciate it and enjoy it.

As for the VIN, there's not much to tell other than the M in the VIN verifies that it's a 1991 and the J verifies it's a ZR-1 and it #383 out of 2,044 ZR-1s built, so technically, it's an early 1991 model. The build date of the engine coincides with when the car was probably built; early in 1991 or possibly late 1990.

Good luck with it and enjoy it! :)

05-06-02, 03:50 PM

I didn't get any replies to my post on owners kits. Do you know anything about them?

Break... Break...

How come the posts to the forum I create have an evelope with a black dot Icon? Mine seems to be the only ones like that and I don't see it in the legend?


p.s. My brother-in-law just picked up my ZR-1 from the person I bought it from. He says it is perfect! Can't wait to see it for the first time when I return from S Korea for some much needed leave.

05-08-02, 08:18 AM

Click on the Knowledgebase tab at the top of this page and then go to the 1990-1995 ZR-1 Category. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you'll see "What is the ZR-1 Owner's Kit"? Check that box and click the Answer button. :D

The folders with the black dots are just a private indicator to you to let you know what threads you have posted/replied to. This feature is enabled for each member so you will only see black dot folders for the threads that you have participated in. :)

90 Corvette ZR-1
06-12-02, 08:22 AM
wow now that is a low vin #. This sounds like a great story. what ever happened to it? Even if nots the right trans BUY IT.

06-12-02, 09:40 AM
I purchaced it on May 6th.

Still have not seen it in person, I pick it up in a few weeks.


07-25-02, 12:59 PM

All ZF S6-40 Transmissions are stamped with the last 6 digits of your VIN #.

To verify that this is indeed the numbers matching unit do the following:

On the drivers side of the trans, looking at the centre section of the case, towards the rear of this section, there is a 30mm metal cap, look next to this cap on the side of the trans & you will see some numbers etched into the case, this is your last 6 digits of your VIN.

When time allows i shall send some pictures to help locate this a bit easier.



07-25-02, 01:01 PM
If you go here:


You can see the actual emblem on the side of a ZF6.

07-25-02, 01:30 PM

Actuall, you'll not know by looking at that plate if indeed you have the factory installed trans for your particular car.

Here is a picture of where the VIN # is stamped onto the ZF trans.

I hope you guys figure out where this is.


07-25-02, 01:34 PM
Ah ok....thanks Kurt! :)


08-09-02, 05:47 PM
hi kurt
i wanted to see if my transmissions was original to my car, i am almost positive it is but wanted to double check. i followed your instructions but i could not find the vin #. when you say 30mm plug,is this the one with the allen/torx head cast into it?is the vin # visible from under the car or do you have to remove the trans,? it was hard to see since the exhaust partially covers that area.