View Full Version : Roller Rockers

Arrest Me Red
04-16-02, 12:09 AM
Have a set of 1.6 rockers I'd like to install. Worked well with the stock cam and springs on my L-98. Is it the same cam and springs on the Callaway? Will someone who has done this on their Callaway provide performance results and installation tips?

04-16-02, 10:14 AM
Callaway uses the stock L98 cam and heads. I'm not sure if they swap the springs, they might. I can't think of a reason why it would not work if it did on your NA L98. It's a fairly mild cam to begin with (don't have the specs here at work but do at home) so going to a 1.6 ratio rocker shouldn't be a problem. What I don't know is if your engine will like it in terms of making more power. I'd be real interested in before and after dyno runs if you plan to do them.

I have roller tipped rockers on mine but they are the stock 1.5 ratio. I will be swapping out the stock cam for a custom grind some time this year.