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04-11-02, 08:55 PM
Anyone have an opinion on which Rocker's I should use.

I'm installing the HotCam into my FastBurn 385, and for about a $15 difference I can use the Crane Cams "Gold Race Extruded Billet Aluminum self-aligning 1:6 roller's.

The other chose is the Preformance Parts "GM Extruded Aluminum self-aligning 1:6 roller's

I want to order these with in the next couple day's

Thank's to all,


04-11-02, 09:23 PM
I'm using Crane's but not the gold series, I'm using the blue ones they used to sell, they're now just aluminum colored.


04-11-02, 09:59 PM

Do you think that Crane would be the way to go, seeing how it's only a few bucks more.

Are they a better rocker, or is it a toss up?

04-11-02, 10:06 PM
I believe Crane makes the Chevy Bow Tie Roller Rockers. They are about $280 at Scoggins Dickey (SDPC2000.com) These are the ones I put on the TPIS ZZ-409 cam but with their lobe profile I used the 1.5 ratios to get the .520 lift.

Phil (aka 89ZZ4)

04-11-02, 11:10 PM
For a street engine, it is generally best to go with a stainless steel roller rocker. The advantages of aluminum are negligible on the street and even in many race applications. A quality set of stainless rockers will last you a good long time, and they'll be a little more dependable than aluminum. Comp Cams and Crower Cams both make good sets of stainless full-roller rockers.

Good luck.

04-11-02, 11:18 PM

I've haven't found any stainlees steel self-aligning rocker's yet.

I will keep looking,

Thanks guy's

04-12-02, 07:50 AM
Stingray72 isn't wrong about stainless and many are rebuildable but I personally know of several people who have experienced failures in them. I also don't remember seeing any stainless "self-aligning" however there are those new shaft mount units that have just come out. My reason for the bow ties were 1) self aligning so I didn't need guide plates and 2) I built mine for HiPo street use and if the Self aligning were good enough for the LT4 engine - the ZZ4 crate I have comes with the LT4 springs and I believe the Fast Burn heads do also plus it's the one they include in the Hot Cam kit it should be sufficient. If max is what you want then you should upgrade to larger studs and guide plates and stainless (+stud girdles) or put in some of those new type shaft mount roller rockers. To me for a street engine I will rairly push to 6100 - 6200 rpm max it is probably over kill plus there's the cost issue.

Phil (akaa 89ZZ4)

04-13-02, 04:26 PM
check back with comp cams as they were coming out with SAs rockers. since they can not be used with solid lifter cams that may be the reason that they are slow at hitting the market