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07-31-08, 07:39 AM
Hi. I am new to the forum. I know Camaros and LT1's pretty well. I roadrace a 1994 Camaro. For that reason a shop I have worked with called me about an opportunity. It's (supposedly) a 1995 Supernatural 435 Camaro. The owner has had the engine rebuilt about 6000 miles ago, and has spent $9200 on the car in the last two years. Now the cooling fan relay allowed it to run hot and they suspect head gaskets. He thinks the guy may just want someone to make him an offer. The car is purple, doesn't have anything special about the body other than ground effects and vinyl letters under Camaro on the back that read Callaway Supernatural 435, has chrome aftermarket 5 spoke wheels, and in the engine compartment it says Callaway 400 or Honker 400, can't remember which of those went together. Also some aftermarket suspension components. They say it has Trick Flow heads, and the shop talked to Trick Flow and they said they were special heads made for Callaway. My questions are:

Does it all add up? I find VERY little info on anything Callaway Camaro that isn't a C8.

What may this car be worth if I fix it? It has 48,000 miles, an automatic, black leather in good shape.

What wheels would this have come with? Factory Z28? If the wheels are not correct, I think they should come off to make it right.

Looks to me like the Callaway Supernatural 400s were 383s. If that is correct, what would the 435 mean?

Any help would be appreciated greatly. Thanks!

John H. Christensen
07-31-08, 09:30 AM

07-31-08, 09:43 AM
Good luck with the car. Take the VIN # and call Joanne at Callaway 860 434 9002.

Sounds like it could be a great opportunity for you if it is a real car! :beer

07-31-08, 01:15 PM
Do you have any pics of it? I don't have any records of a purple one and would love to see it.
Where in Dallas do you live? I'm just outside Highland Park and Love Field. We should meet up. :beer
Is the car in Dallas as well? I'd like to take a look at it with you.

The current value of the Callaway SuperNatural Camaros is that of any other modified Camaro to most people--not a whole lot. Not many people know much about them. There's a Doug Rippie Motorsports Camaro for sale (and has been for several months) and since only a hand full of people know anything about those, it isn't selling for the 25k they are asking.

It wouldn't be a good short-term investment for you. If you buy it, fix it up, and immediately sell it, you won't get much more than any other Camaro.

Anthony and I both agree that the Camaros that were dropped off NEW at Callaway's shop in Old Lyme, CT are going to be the one's worth something someday. The one's that had 50k on the engine, were taken there and modified OR the one's that didn't have Callaway do the work aren't going to be worth as much in the long term.

Other people might have their 2 cents about this, but take a look at the plate on top of the throttle body. If it doesn't say 435 on it, and just says 400, then it is likely that the conversion to 435 was not done by Callaway. That would be my interpretation at least.

Call or email Joanne with the vin # and see what she says.

07-31-08, 03:44 PM