View Full Version : Corvette Plant Likely To Be Spared From GM Cuts

07-15-08, 05:41 PM
Corvette Plant Likely To Be Spared From GM Cuts

June 15, 2008

Union officials in Bowling Green sat they think the General Motors Corvette plant there will be spared by sweeping cuts made Tuesday by company officials.

GM announced it will close plants that make trucks and SUVs, lay off salaried workers and borrow up to 3 billion dollars.

Those measures are response to rising gas prices and slumping sales.

The president of the United Auto Workers in Bowling green says even though the plant has experienced a 15 percent reduction in the sale of Corvettes from last year, he thinks the plat will be spared because of the sports car's wide popularity and strong following.

"Locally, probably fifteen to twenty percent of salaried employees will be affected and I hate that for anybody losing their jobs. But, you know, the hourly employees are protected here and we don't think we'll see cuts at this present time because of declining sales," said Eldon Renaud, local UAW president.

Renaud also think many of the cuts being made to salaried employees will be absorbed through attrition.