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04-04-02, 02:29 AM
I have puchased a 59 vette that has 14 inch rims and hub caps with a chev logo in the center with a blue backround are these original hub caps ?

Tom Bryant
04-04-02, 02:36 AM
Sorry Jose. All Corvettes '53 through '82 had 15" wheels.


04-04-02, 03:47 PM
Jose -

Your '59 originally had 15"x 5" wheels with four little "nubs" around the inside of the outer rim flange to retain the wheel covers. The wheel covers should look like this, except with a series of open slots around the outer edge, and will only work with the "correct" Corvette wheels with the "nubs". Original wheels are hard to find, but they are now being reproduced at about $100 a pop.


04-06-02, 07:19 AM
John why are there no slots in your caps ?

Tom Bryant
04-06-02, 12:53 PM
'56-'58 had no slots. '59-'62 had brake cooling slots.