View Full Version : I just saw Bill Ogle's 93 Callaway Pace Car Camaro on ESPN2!

05-17-08, 02:41 PM
The car that I've never seen... has been seen on the Mother's Car Show...show! They were talking about his Baldwin Motion 2nd gen Camaro (green and black) and the Callaway was parked next to it.

The VERY FIRST Callaway SuperNatural Camaro is THIS 1993 Camaro Pace Car replica. This car was the one that Reeves used to start the Camaro program in '94. It was also the car used for test figures in Motortrend (maybe others) because the SNAT was not yet in the silver C8 prototype.

I really wish they featured this car, but I did briefly see that it has Callaway Runflat wheels on it. :upthumbs

How exciting and unexpected!

I have a small black and white image of the car from a Super Chevy magazine to scan in some day, but that's the only image I have.

05-17-08, 03:16 PM
I was out of the room making lunch at the time, but I heard the word "Callaway" and ran back in here. His silver C12 was on there too, but I missed the entire discussion.

05-18-08, 01:27 AM
This was, in fact, the car that they used for all of the performance data for the magazine tests. If you ever look at the Motor Trend article closely, you will see that the under-hood shots are not from the silver car. The fender wells are black. The car also features one of a handfull "prototype Honkers". They were fabricated from two fiberglass pieces joined, seamed, painted, and finally, vinyl graphics were added to them. My Red C8 had this honker. It is safely in a box now so the graphics would not deteriorate in the heat.

That is a very significant car. Good spot Brandon.