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03-20-02, 04:48 PM
found a place with the knowledge and skill to modify the plenum on
the STEALTH RAM INTAKE to fit the c-4 vettes and do other custom EFI intake mods http://fuelinjectorclinic.com/
this company does quite simular work to other brand intakes all the time! they can also make EFI intakes from the HOLLEY BBC intakes, http://www.holley.com/HiOctn/ProdLi.../AMSM/5955.html http://www.holley.com/HiOctn/ProdLi.../AMSM/5951.html
send one of the HOLLEY EFI TUNNEL RAM BASES to these people and they can adapt the parts necessary to make what you want.

Phillip Russell
03-26-02, 10:20 PM
Hey grumpy, you ever heard of putting an LT-1 intake on a L-98 block ? This mod is very close to the Mini-Ram and a whole lot cheaper.

03-26-02, 11:40 PM
What are the modifications involved, and what are the HP and TORQUE numbers for this. My 86 is without a motor now , two dead cylinders in the old one, (currently getting the new stuff in order) . I might be interested in this mod if it will be worth my time . Getting started in a couple of weeks.

Brian :confused

03-27-02, 01:29 AM
Saw an article in one of the Vette magazines a while back. They put ported and polished LT4 heads, intake and a hot cam on a stock LT1 block and dynoed around 421 horses at the flywheel. I wonder if that would work on an L98 block?

03-27-02, 05:35 AM
I have seen pictures and the website of the fellow that does the LT1 to L98 intake swap. Although it is a cool idea, I am not very impressed with the final product. I see a lot of JB weld being used to close things off, and you end up using a pair of like 5/8" or 3/4" heater hoses coming out of the front corners of the intake into a racing thermostat housing as the LT1 upper radiator hose is built into the water pump and there is no room on the intake for it.

In fact, that is one of the primary differences with the miniram. It has been cast out to include a area under the TB just for the thermostat housing.

03-27-02, 08:20 AM
welding and remachineing a lt-4 intake to fit a L98 is a waste of time and money because the final product cost far more and performs worse than the other options available , the best option for the most power for your money at this time is the HOLLEY STEALTH RAM, buy the base and plenum and fuel rails and have FRANK at
modify it to fit under your stock hood (its about 0.75" to tall to fit without modifications,or get a hood scoop with about a 2" height. the HOLLEY STEALTH RAM, flows over 300cfm per port thats far better than the ACCEL SUPER RAM and it has longer ports for a better torque curve than the the T.P.I.S. MINI ram