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Thread: C7 ZO6 Wheels

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    Default C7 ZO6 Wheels

    Does any one know how the stock '16 C7 ZO6 wheels are made? Are the cast, alloy and do they bend.

    I have about 11,000 miles on my car and have done (7) HPDE track days at WGI with the stock wheels and rims. Went to get the car TECHED for the next WGI HPDE and noticed a very small vibration and asked the garage to "Check " the balance. The said all four wheels were out of balance AND all four RIMS are "BENT"! They balanced the tires, I drove it and all seems fine. Is it possible to have all (4) rims bent and not feel something, how likely is it for these stock wheels to get bent, I don't recall ever hitting a pot hole or curb, etc. even though it is a daily driver.

    I was told that these are CAST wheels and thy don't bend, if you hit something hard enough to bend them; they would "CRACK" but I don't know if that is true.

    Anybody have any thoughts on this or experience?

    Not sure if I should go the WGI at the end of the month if this might be a problem ?

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    yes, very possible to have ALL rims bent - any pothole you hit can bend/flex the wheels - which is why I have ALWAYS bought the tire/wheel package through Zurich to cover damage
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