I test drove a new GS vert last Sunday. I currently have a 2006 Z06 (for 4 years.) I wanted to see the differences. Here's what I discoverd~

The car I drove had the MXO tranmission. I liked it! (around town.)

The GS has slightly more body roll than the Z.

The engine is nice and tractable. Kinda cute.

The top down is great!

The paddles are fun but the throttle "blip" needs to be better matched when downshifting.

Throttle response is quite lazy.

The steering is also quite lazy and unprecise. (compared to a Z.)

On the freeway(with the top down) I noticed the "instantaneous mileage" was 21-22 @ 70mph. (My Z gets 26mpg similarly.)

The tire pressures were 27-28 (I keep mine @ 30ft & 31rr.) All about 60F.

The brakes are great. I had forgotten just how good new Z06 brakes are.

The oil pressure was 24psi (idle) @ 230F. Is this normal? I've never got my oil temp to 200F in my Z, and I've tried! It usually runs 42psi (idle) @ 180-185F or so.
The salesman was cordial but didn't know much about the C6. I expected him to fill me with lots of stats and numbers. He did tell me he's the dealership rep for the local Corvette Club. (Corvettes of Temecula Valley.)

All in all, it was a very nice car, and I could see myself with an automatic as it's so easy to drive in town. It would give me time to eat, drink, watch videos, play with the radio, XM, NAV, other gauges, putting the top up/down or be distracted by any number of other things.