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Department of Motor Vehicle Offices

The following links are for both United States Departments of Motor Vehicles and international government institutions on the web. For the United States, you can either click on the individual states on the image map, or click on the accompanying links below the map.

Some points to consider before beginning your search:

  • Requesting information on a person is a private matter and not all information is "public record".
  • Not all state Departments of Motor Vehicles keep vehicle history reports on file.
  • Some states require a fee for their vehicle information services and fees vary from state to state.
  • The state DMVs that do carry vehicle history reports hold on to them for varying amounts of time. For example, the State of New York DMV does not have title information prior to 1969 and the State of Pennsylvania only keeps titles on file from the last 10 years.

Notes: Please make note of the following information for some states within the U.S

  • Minnesota: From the Minnesota DMV: Because of a law change effective 08/01/2000, personal information on individuals is no longer available to the public through this office. Please see this web site for a list of who is and who is not entitled to release of this information. Also, our Department only holds records for a total of 7 years.

  • Washington: From the Washington DMV: Our laws are very strict on who can receive information on vehicles. Individuals can only get documentation on their own period of ownership on a vehicle. Also, our records only go back to 1993.

United States

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