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United Rays Corvette Club of Pittsburgh

United Rays Corvette Club of Pittsburgh

The United Rays Corvette Club was established in 1977

In the summer of 1977, a group of young men and one woman from the Greater Pittsburgh area came together to share their enthusiasm for the Corvette sports car. Jointly they formed the United Rays Corvette Club which is the oldest active African American sports car club in the Pittsburgh area. The club is an original member of the national United Council of Corvette Clubs and a founding member of the Western Pennsylvania Corvette Clubs Council.

The club participates in competitive events throughout the warm climate months and many events throughout the year. Car shows, club cookouts, parades, social parties, awards events, weekend trips to Corvette related events and national Corvette conventions are just some of the activities of the United Rays Corvette Club. The club exists as a vehicle to comradery of Corvette owners and establishes closely bonded lifelong friendships.

The United Rays Corvette Club is dedicated to community and civic accountability and supports charitable organizations, school functions, community events, parades and other civic and social organizations. The club contributes to the inner city community yearly with back to school supplies and holiday giveaways for disadvantaged communities.

We ask all members and friends to support our organization through regular participation in our events and activities. Check our events calendar regularly for updates and new events listings. The United Rays Corvette Club can check availability upon request for your organization's upcoming events. Please contact us via the "Contact Us" page well in advance to allow us to schedule your event.

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