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Spirits of '53 Corvette Club

Spirits of '53 Corvette Club

The Spirits of 53 Corvette Club traditionally has been a social organization with members participating in car shows, rallies, tours, and tech sessions.  What brings the club the most pride is to help special causes such as young children who have special needs.  This financial support comes from the proceeds of their Annual Corvette Show.

The club was originally based in South Brunswick at the apartment of one of the three founders, all of whom lived in town.  They were Ron Pientka, Richard Arcadu and Richard Denike.

Its beginning actually took place in late 1973 when, unbeknownst to the other two, each founder had purchased his first Corvette.  The common bond among the three was a Sunoco Station where they bought gas.  It was at this station, Larini’s on Route 27, they met and compared cars, a brown 1974 coupe, a gold 1969 roadster and a white 1969 coupe.  One discussion led to another and eventually the subject of a Corvette Club was mentioned.  After reviewing the limited number of clubs available and what they offered, it was decided there was a need for a new, well organized, active club in this area.

The three formulated a basic format on which to develop a membership campaign. Leaflets were left on Corvette windshields.  One of the first “meetings” of the fledgling club was held at the Mid-State Mall parking lot and succeeded in attracting a number of Corvette owners.

The following have served as President of the club:  Walt Donovan, Wayne Weidmann, Andy Bencsko, Ken Kotacska, Ken Pfeiffer, Dale Moffatt, Larry Castrovinci, John Datz, Rich Parrillo, Rich DeSimone, Richard Paul, Jim White, John Niemiec, Kevin Moran, Mike Beltranena, Mark Denno, Armand Graziani and presently John Bieglecki.

Laffin Chevrolet, South River, became the sponsor of the club during the presidency of Wayne Weidmann and remained a faithful sponsor until their doors closed in 2009.  Meetings were held at Malouf Buick, Pierre’s Restaurant in South Brunswick and are presently held every first Tuesday of the month at the North Brunswick Moose Lodge 263 Old Georges Rd in North Brunswick.

The club traditionally has been a social organization.  Since its inception, members have participated in such activities as car shows, cruise nights, rallies, races, picnics, holiday parties, Broadway shows, casino trips and softball games against other clubs.

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Meeting Information: Monthly meetings are held at the Brunswick Moose Lodge 263, located at 1020 Old George's Road, South Brunswick at 7:30 PM.