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Southern Tier Corvette Club

Southern Tier Corvette Club of New York - where all the women are strong, all the men are beautiful, and all the cars are much cooler than average!

Whether you own a Corvette, are friends or family of a Corvette owner, hope to own one someday, or just think they're so darn cool, you'll be in good company.  We're crazy about Corvettes.  If you are too, come hang out with the Club!

Owning a Corvette is a good excuse to drive down to the local Saturday night cruise in, gather with other Club members for a road trip to interesting places and great dining spots.  The Southern Tier Club organizes multiple social activities year-round -- car-related events when the season permits, non-car social events at other times.  It's a good way to meet new people, see new things, and be part of the Corvette mystique.

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