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Santa Clara Corvettes

Santa Clara Corvettes

Welcome to Santa Clara Corvettes.   We’re a large (200+ member) club with lots of activities throughout the year.   If you’re looking for a group that likes to socialize, drive, compete, and party, you’ve come to the right place.   We have something for everyone.

Plenty of opportunities to show off your Corvette while  touring, attending after-work get-togethers, or thoroughly cleaning the car for a Car Show.

And plenty of opportunities to drive  your Corvette in competitive events (autocrosses and drag races) or track days.

You’ll find all generations of Corvettes in our club.   From 1st generation (1953 – 1962) to 7th generation (2014 +), we’ve got them all, and members like to trade inside information and tall tales.   You’ll find a friendly group of folks who are eager to share what  they know about their cars, while finding some new friends in the process.

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