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Rochester Corvette Club

Rochester Corvette Club

In 1958, and just out of college, Gene waited for his new Corvette, which was overdue for delivery. His parents encouraged him to cancel the order and buy something else! Well , and as luck would have it, Gene did not, and in the fall, his red and white ’58 Corvette arrived.

Gene LeDoux loved the car, and as he drove around Rochester, he would wave at any other Corvette drivers going by (which were few and far between). He stopped to meet the owner of any Corvette he saw, no matter where it was or where he was going. He wanted to meet and involve himself with other owners of this Special American made sports car. After awhile he had a few owners interested in forming a group to cruise and exchange information about their cars. Gene wrote to General Motors Corp., explaining he had formed The Rochester Corvette Club and wondered if he could get a list of others in the Rochester and surrounding areas. GM supplied Gene with a list of all the owners of Corvettes in New York State, about 200 in all! He was in touch with all of them to see if they wanted to be part of the new club (probably the first in the state). In the Autumn of 1959, 30 Corvette owners attended his first annual meeting held at Brook-Lea Country Club. From that handful, the Club was formed with some of the first attendees becoming members. Gene had taken steps to incorporate the club, all of which had taken one year.

Through the years, a number of Presidents and Vice Presidents have made it a point to keep Gene involved with the Club. Even though he no longer owns a Corvette, he will always retain a place of honor and respect as the individual who made it all happen. Gene is an honorary member now, and has been very helpful in bringing us up to date about the club. He attends many functions and we are glad he is and always will be a part of the Rochester Corvette Club again.

The Rochester Corvette Club is a social club, which brings many types of people together who have the same common bond, a Corvette. One of the original owners of the 1953 proto-type "EX 122" Corvette, Jack Ingle, was an Honored Life Member until his recent passing; we sadly miss him.

We are one of the largest clubs in the United States with 550+ members and we are one of the oldest clubs, established in 1959. We have at this time over 240 Corvettes in the Club, many members owning more than one! (More than the state had when the Club was first started by Gene LeDoux).

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Meeting Information

Meeting Information: Meetings are held at 7:00 PM, the LAST MONDAY of each month.*

Meeting Location:
Trinity Emmanuel Lutheran Church
761 Elmgrove Road
Rochester, NY 14624