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Northern California Corvette Association

Northern California Corvette Association

In July of 1956, several weeks might pass before spotting another Corvette. When Johnny Zeh and Jerry Wright met to discuss their Corvettes, the idea to establish a Corvette Club was born.

 Members enjoy many different social and competitive activities.  Some like to test their driving skill by navigating through various auto cross track configurations in timed events.  Other members like to compete in NCCA's Vette Magic all Corvette Drag Race each year. Men and women journey from all parts of California and bordering states to compete in 1/4 mile drag races for prizes.  NCCA members have a strong tradition of placing well at car shows where you see older and newer Corvettes looking their best.

The fun continues when members take their Corvettes on weekend tours to various parts of California where driving the scenic roads are part of the Corvette experience (go to download NCCA files to view NCCA Touring Rules and Etiquette). Find out more about NCCA membership requirements, dates and times for meetings and have fun "corvetting."

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Meeting Information: NCCA General Business Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month at the San Lorenzo Homes Association in San Lorenzo at 7:00pm (377 Paseo Grande, San Lorenzo, CA). The NCCA Executive Board Meetings are held on the last Tuesday of every month at Ricky’s Sports Lounge in San Leandro at 7:00pm (15028 Hesperian Blvd., San Leandro).

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