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Kansas City Corvette Association

Kansas City Corvette Association

It all began with a newspaper ad in March of 1974 - if anyone was interested in a new Corvette club that offered mutual aid, encouragement, consolation and companionship then an organizational meeting was being held in south Kansas City, please attend. Even though the Corvette Club of Kansas City (CCKC) and Mid-America Corvette Club existed at the time it was decided by the meeting participants that there was enough interest to form another club with a casual structure, centered around having fun with the cars and including the whole family.

The second meeting saw decisions to run the club with a board of three, adopted the name of Corvette Corps and levied dues of $5 per year.  The first event in the club's history was planned - a get together at Lake Jacomo.

When Corvette Corps was formed all of the members drove their Corvettes as their everyday cars. There were no "original" owners, everyone had a used Corvette and no one cared about originality or restoration. All of that was about to change as Corvette enthusiasts led the way, including Corvette Corps. We witnessed the explosion of the repro parts business and restoration hobby (think Mid-America Corvettes and similar businesses). The club motto of "Corvette Corps is a nonprofit organization which is made up of men and women who are dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of America's only true sports car - the Corvette" was adopted.

Events were scheduled every month and included sports activities, parties, road trips, car shows, tours and many others that can not easily be categorized. Events of note are: a volleyball challenge with CCKC (we lost 2 out of 3!), Halloween parties every year, attendance or participation at Bloomington Gold since 1975 (1974 was the first year for Bloomington), produced car shows at Ward Parkway (5 yrs.), Blue Ridge Mall, Metcalf South (2 yrs.), Country Club Plaza (5 yrs.) and World of Wheels (since 1976). Other fun events included the Malibu Grand Prix (we opened the track to the public), Corvette picture days, garage tours, intro of the '84 Corvette with test drives, and many parades. Of course, our most enjoyable events always included food!

KCCA has remained dynamic and thoroughly enjoyable thanks to its members. The club is founded on a mere automobile but its people bring it alive.

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Meeting Information: The regular club monthly meeting of the Kansas City Corvette Association is held on the 2nd Friday of the month at 7:30pm @ Shawnee Civic Center, 13817 Johnson Drive, Shawnee, KS 66216 - west of I-35