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Corvette Owners of South Florida

C.O.S.F aka Corvette Owners of South Florida began on May 9th 2020. Started as a Casual Saturday Cruise which a few guys showed up to the meet to get out of the house amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic and took a drive to Miami Beach to enjoy the outdoors. From there I decided to create a group on Facebook to capture a few more individuals that would want to take a drive instead of being stuck inside their homes. As the time progressed I started getting more and more members that wanted to join the group and join the rest on Rallies. In a matter of four months the group had over 800 members under their belt. I couldn't be more grateful of the amount of members and support C.O.S.F has had in the past few months. I want to thank everyone that has joined and all those that will be joining us soon!

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