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Corvette Club of Utah

Corvette Club of Utah

The official name of the club is the Corvette Club of Utah, Inc. The general purpose of the Club is to promote increased enjoyment of Corvette ownership to members by providing planned, regulated, social and competitive activities, to provide support to charitable organizations and to encourage careful and skillful driving on public highways.

Our members enjoy planned activities and events such as: car shows, races, rallies, tours, meetings and of course parties.

Club Membership is made up of Corvette enthusiasts throughout the state of Utah. You must own a Corvette to join the club, but you don't have to own one to enjoy the web site.

The club was started with the idea to promote the love of Corvettes throughout Utah. The enthusiasm of the original eight members made the club what it is today. There's nothing like driving a "Vette". It is a one of a kind experience. To own a Corvette is the dream of many, to own one is a reality that can be reached. If you can't quite justify the expense of owning a new or previously owned Corvette, then keep in touch with us. Our enthusiasm will carry you until you do.

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