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Corvette Club of Iowa

Corvette Club of Iowa

Few images turn heads like a caravan of Vettes rumbling into town for an evening cruise or rolling down the street in a local parade.  It is a kick that is matched by the thrill of maneuvering America's favorite sports car around the highways and byways of central Iowa.

The love of Corvettes attracts people to the Corvette Club of Iowa.  The bonds of friendships formed during our numerous year-around events keeps members involved with the club.

More than 100 Vette owners and enthusiasts make up the Corvette Club of Iowa.  Some are backyard mechanics that know every nuance of small block engines.  Others may not be gear heads, but they can identify the rumble of a big block at a quarter-mile distance.  Still others just appreciate the beauty and performance of Corvettes.

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Meeting Information: CCI meets on the third Tuesday of the month at different locations throughout the Des Moines area.