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Corvette Club of America

Corvette Club of America

The Corvette Club of America (CCA) was established July 17, 1956 and has been in continuous operation for over 60 years. The CCA is an energetic group of Corvette lovers that fosters an environment of fun with activities centered around our favorite cars. We welcome all Corvette owners to our Corvette club and encourage them to take advantage of our monthly meetings, shop nights, social gatherings, competitive events, and more.

My name is Bob Atwell, President of the Corvette Club of America (often known as CCA). We feel that Corvette Club of America is the oldest Corvette club in the world and we celebrated our 60th Anniversary on July 17, 2016. We held our first meeting on July 17th, 1956 -- only three years after the Corvette came out for sale in 1953. Back then our club members raced against other sports cars such as those that belonged to the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) and the Porsche Club of America. As you can see it seemed right at the time to call ourselves Corvette Club of America.

CCA has always been about pursuing our automotive passions and having fun with our Corvettes. We do this by planning fun activities that appeal to a broad range of interests. We offer social events, car shows and speed events. Our Social events include brunch, winery, dinner cruises and Holiday parties. CCA sponsors fun car shows as well as participating in shows sponsored by other clubs. CCA sponsors speed events including Autocross Primer Classes, for those new to Autocross, holding Autocross Competition events as well as High Performance Driver Education (HPDE) events.

We are a non-profit organization and we like to give back to the community by supporting local charities. Among our current charities is the Wells/Robertson House, Hospice Caring of Montgomery County, and Toys for Tots. In addition we sponsor an endowment for students of mechanical engineering at the University of Maryland. We are a lifetime club-level member of the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky as well as "One Acre Club" member club for the NCM Motorsports Park.

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