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Central Kansas Corvette Association

Central Kansas Corvette Association

Established in 1968 , the Central Kansas Corvette Club has brought together Corvette enthusiasts from all over Central Kansas and has become one of the fasted growing Corvette clubs in North America.  Members range from from age 45 to 85 spanning 7 generations of corvette production and a wide range of corvette knowledge.

The club features many events throughout the entire year with a wide variety of activities, providing something for every "Vette" owner. Membership activities include monthly 'Third Thursday" Downtown event, Drive & Dines, Car Shows, Road Trips, etc. The level of participation is up to each individual member. There are no attendance requirements to retain membership.

We are based in Hutchinson, Kansas.  Many of our members have been involved in the Corvette hobby for many years. Others just bought their first Corvette and are new to the hobby. The rest are somewhere in between.

History & Mission Statement

Founded in the spring of 1968, the Central Kansas Corvette Association (CKCA) is the second oldest corvette club in the state of Kansas. The club was formed in the spirit of camaraderie and enjoyment of Corvettes. CKCA is primarily a social club with monthly meetings held on the second Monday of each month. Membership activities include drive & dines, car shows, road trips and just getting together with other corvette owners. It’s also a great place to get answers to repair questions, network to find parts or possibly find your next Corvette.

Contact Information


Meeting Information

Meeting Information: If you are a Corvette enthusiast and owner, please come and join us at:

Midway Motors, 1200 E 30th, Hutchinson, KS

Club meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at 7:30 pm.